Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Teddy's history: IBR was notified of Bill (Wills Jr.) and Ted's (Teddy's)- not so excellent adventure. Here is the info from the shelter near Mt. Vernon we are pulling them from, "Pen #16 Owner surrender Two english setter males surrendered by their owner because they did not want to hunt. Friendly but scared, they are not sure where they are. Appear very healthy. We are receiving many animals daily and each animal here will have a VERY LIMITED TIME. Please do not wait to contact us about any of these animals."
Update from Teddy's forever home:

Hi Lisa,

Wanted to give you an update as Mark and I moved a few weeks ago. We bought a home in Logan Square. The best part about the home is it is on a 250 ft lot and has a great big fenced yard for Teddy . He is loving his new fenced in freedom!

I've attached some recent pictures of Teddy (our camera has been broken for the past year!). Some of them are in one of my colleague's yard with his dog 'S prite' and the others are in our backyard with my friend's dog 'Vu'.

Hope everything is well with you.


Carryn & MarkTeddy with best friend Vu

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