Monday, September 17, 2007

Marbles aka Polly

Marbles' history: Marbles is a tri colored American Field Bred English Setter. She was found as a stray in Southern Indiana. She is safe in foster care and this is what her foster mom has to say: "Marbles is adorable. She is quite timid but she definitely has a lot of love to give. You can tell she wants to run right in to your arms for lots of loving but she just can't quiet get over her fear. She will run right up to you doing a full body wag but stops just short of you and tentatively stretches her head out to your for a little rub. I think she will come around quickly though, and be able to cuddle the way you can tell she really wants to. As I type this she is curled up with my boyfriend, Brian, on the floor enjoying a nice neck rub. She is a little less shy with Kya (my adopted IBR Setter) than she is with us but still is a bit timid around her. They have already gotten in to a few good wrestling matches and a little game of chase in the backyard. I think Marbles is a little worn out from her journey and Kya wishes she would play a little longer but for tonight I think Marbles just wants a good sleep."

Upon arrival to Illinois and into foster care, Marbles seemed to be struggling. She also had a raging infection, although we were not sure where it came from. Her white blood cell count was very high but her tick panels were inconclusive. It was discovered thru chiropractic care that she had severe pain and issues with her lower back. It was finally established that she had blasto, an extremely nasty fungal disease that can be fatal if not diagnosed in time. Once diagnosed, Marbles could go through her treatments and fortunately has been recovering from the illness.
Update from Marbles Forever home:

Just wanted to give you all an update on Marbles, now named Polly. She
is doing just great! She came in yesterday for her follow-up chest xray
and her chest looks totally clear. She definitely recognized me but ran
right back to her daddy Mike which made me happy. She is definitely
"Home." She is best friends with her brother Zeke they play all the
time and Mike says he is teaching her to catch and she is teaching him to point birds and chipmunks in the yard!

Older sister Kaiya is a bit crabby in her old age and is fine with letting the young ones do their
own thing and leave her alone to enjoy her golden years. Polly has all
different things for breakfast each morning, one day oatmeal, the next
day quinoa mixed with yogurt, then for dinner she eats the Primal Raw
she was eating at my house. Mike says she LOVES raw chicken wings and
backs which she had never had at my house because Audrey is allergic to
chicken. It sounds like she has settled in just fine and took no time
at all to learn the Invisible Fence. I knew she wouldn't have a
problem, she is so smart. She is going to stay on the Sporanox for one
more month for the Blasto just to be sure it is totally gone. Attached
is a photo of Polly, Mike and Zeke.