Sunday, May 27, 2007


Skeets was one of Nala's puppies.

Breaking News: Skeets got his OA !!

In a related story, at approximately 1PM Sunday May 19th, it was reported that Hell actually froze over !!

Yes !! Skeets finished his Open Standard title with a perfect score and 1st Place !! The OA must stand for "Occasionally Attentive"...because on THIS run, he DID pay ME - GOOD BOY !!!!

Honestly, he was very good this weekend...he had a BLAST, and definitely saved his best for last . He racked up MASSIVE style-points in his other 3 runs, once again proving that "Q-ing is VASTLY over-rated" !! I am so proud of him...all joking aside, I LOVE this dog..."Reptile Dysfunction" and all !!!

Skeets has his own blog now. Make sure to check it out:

Gordon aka Hunter

Gordon's History:
Gordon is a 9 month old pure bred Liver and White Field English Pointer. He is in foster care in the Chicago area with a fun Weimaraner and a spunky Irish Setter and he is having a great time playing tag and chase in the yard. His foster Mom writes: "Gordon is a sweet puppy. He's fully housetrained & lets me know when he needs to go outside. He walks well on a leash. He has learned to 'sit' for treats, he learns fast & we're working on some more basic commands. He's full of energy & enjoys running around outside & playing with balls. He has fun playing with my 2 dogs.

Update-Amy Williams writes:
As some may already know. I found out by accident
that I go to school with Gordon's furever dad!

I asked him how Gordon was doing. Since I heard he
was one sick dog when he came into IBR.

He is doing amazing!!! He looks great and loves the
kids (they are 7 & 8 yr old boys)and they love him
back just as much! He is a great family companion.
Rich (the furever dad) said he wishes he hunted
because Hunter (Gordon) is always pointing birds in
the backyard.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Alex' History: Alex is an amazing birddog. He is everything you want in a Field Bred Pointer. We have been training him on live birds and not only is he quite the hunter, but he handles beautifully off leash and is starting to hold point. He was definately trained for Field Trialing- but we think the training could have been abusive as sometimes he is hand shy. He is so good that we have decided to enter him in an American Field walking trial the end of the month. Our ideal adopter for Alex- would be one who is familiar perhaps with Field trialing, or one who is an experienced hunter- but also one who understands that these dogs absolutely demand human interaction and will spoil him rotten as a house pet. Alex would also be a good candidate to get his AKC Indefinate Listing Priviledge to compete in Hunt tests. Alex is house broken, crate trained, and really the Best snuggler ever! He has been delightful to have around, and is slowly learning some basic manners - like walking on lead - (he wants to GO!) He has learned not to jump over the couch and to stop petsterign the girl dogs before they get upset.

He still is a good boy in a crate, especially if he gets to take his nyla bones and rope toys with him. Big and brawny as he is - Alex loves to cuddle. He has a big soft head and when he puts it down, all his extra puppy skin puddles in to wrinkles! He sleep squietly in bed at night and doesn't snore - he does like his own pillow though, or maybe you would like to share yours? Alex is a pure-bred Lemon and White American Field English Pointer- but looks like he has a big 'ol Lab-like head. He is a big strapping boy and his foster Mom says he looks like a Doggie Chippendale Dancer as he is very toned and muscular. She says he is just gorgeous. He is most likely under 1 year old and will make someone a fabulous pet and companion. When I take Alex out for a walk, he literally stops traffic with his good looks! He loves to play fetch with a tennis ball too.

Update from his forever home: Attached is a picture of Alex in Wisconsin this weekend. We had 18 inches of snow up north, and drifts of 3-4 feet. The dogs had a blast running through the drifts and digging around the banks of the frozen river. The picture is Alex hunting something, possibly a muskrat.



Izzy's History: Izzy is a pure bred Liver and White American Field Bred Pointer. She was surrendered to the rescue because she was not stylish on point to be competitive in trials. Upon coming into the rescue we could tell her puppyhood had been missed as she was so serious. It didn't take her long to learn about toys and playing with other dogs!!

Update from her forever home: Izzy has been a dream come true. This season of
hunting pheasants with her was absolutely awesome.
We shot probably 50 plus birds over her this season.
As for home life she has been a doll. She is still
a little wound up but that will come with age. I am
hoping to make her a finished gun-dog this spring so
can start running her in NSTRA come fall. I have
pics of her that I need to send to all IBR
volunteers that helped get her to me.

There are some great pics of her pointing in the field and one
of her first two pheasants that she bagged. I have
been very pleased with Izzy and she has been the
talk around my place of work after we used her at
the Christmas Party hunt on a preserve here in
Wisconsin. Also she has been extremely good with my
daughter and she tolerates the pulling of the ears
and tail. I will get those pics out soon.


Update July 2007: Lisa,
Everything is well. I have an Innotek Invisble Fence and it works great. Izzy is doing great. Early this summer she was taken to a Pro Trainer and evaluated. He did tell me that if I register her with the AKC he would love to run her in field trials. He told me that she would win quite a few trials.

I sent pictures of her at the Field Trial Grounds in Portage. Thats were we did all her training so far. She has been finished and is now steady to wing, shot, fall.

Also I sent a pic of Izzy with my daughter, they have really bonded together well.
Thanks for checking in.