Sunday, May 18, 2008


Irelynn formerly Patsy is a 7 month old Orange and White American Field Bred English Pointer. When I was contacted about this pup the rescuer relayed to me that the original owner was going to shoot her- but the neighbor interveened and moved her to the county pound where she may have a better opportunity to find a new home or be euthanized humanely. Luckily IBR was able to pull her.

Here is what her foster mom wrote at the time: "Irelynn is settling in wonderfully at our home. We couldn't keep calling our little girl Patsy, it isn't a pretty enough name for such a lovely girl. She is settling in at Camp Seeling like she has always been here. She had a little steak and baked potato with her kibble and seemed to think that was pretty good stuff! She joined her foster brother and sister for a nice walk and did just fine-tail wagging and head held high the whole 3 miles. I doubt she has had much leash walking in her former life, but she walked in a pretty good little heel chugging along next to her gsp sis. She had a little sponge bath in the kitchen and help pretty still, even for her ear cleaning. She is an eager to please young lady, comes in from outside when called and knows "sit" pretty reliably.

Irelynn is a gentle dog who is a polite houseguest. She already has made herself at home on the couch, curling up in a tight little pointer ball. She is a charming young lady-gives hugs and buries her head in your chest-too sweet. She knows "go potty." So house training is going just fine too. She met alot of dogs today, and seems to want to be friends with everybody. Irelynn is a sweet tempered, well mannered young dog who really enjoys the company of people she is a real lovey dovey girl!"

Irelynn found her own special home. Lynnie is a very loved little girl in her new home in Boone county, IL. She is described by her dad, as the "soulmate to their pup Teeka."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Wish For Every Bird Dog,......

Illinois Birddog Rescue strives to place all of our Homeless Hunters in Loving Homes,....being able to Hunt is definitely an added Bonus,.....
Enjoy this Story of two once homeless pups,.. Rusty and Gypsy,.
2 dogs that no one wanted,.....
Except a lucky guy, by the name of Rich....

Rusty was approximately 10 months old when I adopted him from IBR. Lisa let me have him for a weekend trial run and he was pointing Robins in the back yard like the National Champ, and curled up and went to sleep in the house at night.
How could I not keep him?

He's been easy to train. Although he has a lot of drive he isn't stubborn. The fact that Rusty has so much point in him made it easy to staunch him up on birds. He retrieves well also. All I had to do was throw some bumpers in the yard for him and call him back. Done. He makes me look like I can train. He's 5 years old now.

Gypsie is a year old and I got her as a 14 week old pup from IBR.
When I first saw her she had a high snappy tail, and was launching her body into the adult dogs.
She was bold.
Gyp has all the tools. A good nose, a beautiful gait with a high snappy tail, and a lot of drive without being stubborn.
She is a work in progress, but she could be a real good one.
We have just come home from a week long hunting trip where I was lamenting a bit on the last day about not getting any good bird work from Gypsie.
Well, on the last walk of the last day she pointed a covey of prairie chickens.

I dropped one for her and she retrieved. Earlier that day I had shot a limit of 3 roosters over 3 Rusty points and now a covey for Gyp.
Needless to say, I was thrilled.
She still has a long way to go, but that was major progress.
One last note from Rich:
I told Lisa if I could have him for the rest of my days I'd be happy. I met an 80 year old guy last week that was hunting w/ a pointer and a setter. How's that for giving a guy hope! Anyway, I was describing for him how Rusty handles running roosters by outrunning them and then back pointing them pinning the bird between me and him. Some get away, but he's quite successful at it. The old gentlemen told me I may never have another dog in my life that learns to do that. Dogs don't live long enough.

Thanks again,


P.S. Rusty is not a finished dog. He is not steady to wing and shot, but he is as staunch as the day is long. He is not force broke. Most of the birds are deposited on my toe. But I'm fine with that. He's just my personal hunting dog and I think we both like it that way, although Rusty would probably hunt for anyone that will take him.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Marbles aka Polly

Marbles' history: Marbles is a tri colored American Field Bred English Setter. She was found as a stray in Southern Indiana. She is safe in foster care and this is what her foster mom has to say: "Marbles is adorable. She is quite timid but she definitely has a lot of love to give. You can tell she wants to run right in to your arms for lots of loving but she just can't quiet get over her fear. She will run right up to you doing a full body wag but stops just short of you and tentatively stretches her head out to your for a little rub. I think she will come around quickly though, and be able to cuddle the way you can tell she really wants to. As I type this she is curled up with my boyfriend, Brian, on the floor enjoying a nice neck rub. She is a little less shy with Kya (my adopted IBR Setter) than she is with us but still is a bit timid around her. They have already gotten in to a few good wrestling matches and a little game of chase in the backyard. I think Marbles is a little worn out from her journey and Kya wishes she would play a little longer but for tonight I think Marbles just wants a good sleep."

Upon arrival to Illinois and into foster care, Marbles seemed to be struggling. She also had a raging infection, although we were not sure where it came from. Her white blood cell count was very high but her tick panels were inconclusive. It was discovered thru chiropractic care that she had severe pain and issues with her lower back. It was finally established that she had blasto, an extremely nasty fungal disease that can be fatal if not diagnosed in time. Once diagnosed, Marbles could go through her treatments and fortunately has been recovering from the illness.
Update from Marbles Forever home:

Just wanted to give you all an update on Marbles, now named Polly. She
is doing just great! She came in yesterday for her follow-up chest xray
and her chest looks totally clear. She definitely recognized me but ran
right back to her daddy Mike which made me happy. She is definitely
"Home." She is best friends with her brother Zeke they play all the
time and Mike says he is teaching her to catch and she is teaching him to point birds and chipmunks in the yard!

Older sister Kaiya is a bit crabby in her old age and is fine with letting the young ones do their
own thing and leave her alone to enjoy her golden years. Polly has all
different things for breakfast each morning, one day oatmeal, the next
day quinoa mixed with yogurt, then for dinner she eats the Primal Raw
she was eating at my house. Mike says she LOVES raw chicken wings and
backs which she had never had at my house because Audrey is allergic to
chicken. It sounds like she has settled in just fine and took no time
at all to learn the Invisible Fence. I knew she wouldn't have a
problem, she is so smart. She is going to stay on the Sporanox for one
more month for the Blasto just to be sure it is totally gone. Attached
is a photo of Polly, Mike and Zeke.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gertrude aka Daisy

Gertie's history: Gertie is a Setter mix about 9 months old. She was seperated from her mother--Helena-- on 2/4/06 the day she came into foster care. Her mother is so precious that her foster Mom decided to keep her & Gertrude takes after her mother. She is a treasure. We thought it would take her a while to settle in, but after the second day in our home her personality began to shine through. She was housetrained in only one day & we're working on some basic obedience. She is learning about all of the interesting things inside of the house. Everything seems like a potential toy to her right now. Gertie has the typical happy setter personality. She has a joyful look in her eyes. We do allow her to sleep in bed at night. She's a good sleeper & never makes us uncomfortable. Furniture priveledges are a must for this girl.

Check out her own foster blog:

Update: Gertie, now called Daisy, has been at her forever home for over a year now. Here's a message from her family:

Hi Michelle, we celebrated Daisy's b-day with a day at Montrose dog beach. She had a great time swimming out and chasing Wolfgang!

Daisy's fur brother Wolfgang.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Britney's history: "Britney has been with me about six months now, and she is a very different dog from the frightened, skinny, dull-coated stray that the Animal Control Officer from Taylor County, KY turned over to me. We do not know how long she was a stray, but she's definitely a young adult. I'd say she's around a year and a half old now. Brit is extremely intelligent. She is also an energetic girl, and I think she'd be awesome in Agility and Rally. She loves to go out to the park with me for walks, but I don't ask her to stay in close. I take her out on a 30' long line so she can cast and sniff to her heart's content. She has ton's of personality. She's a real tail-wagger, and gives little chin kisses. Belly rubs are her idea of bliss. She is also very inquisitive. Brit plays well with the other dogs, though now and then she gets bossy, and all I have to do is say, "Brit!" and she knows to settle down. She's used to eating in her crate, which is a procedure I use with multiple dogs in the household, so I can make sure everyone is getting their correct amount of food. Because she is very curious about any and everything, she's still sleeping in her crate at night. This prevents her from getting anything that might be harmful to her. I have not done a lot of obedience with her yet, as I really felt she needed to build confidence and to learn to trust people more. We have definitely accomplished those two goals. And physically, she's gorgeous! She has grown a beautiful coat, her eyes are bright and she's filled out considerably. (When she came to me, we could count every rib.) Brit would do well in a multiple dog household, but if she's in a single dog household, she will need companionship and activity with her family. She is quite gregarious."

Hi Lisa,

Britney is doing good, she had tons of energy! Still loves the birds, walks and her sister dog. Next week we start dog training class.

She has been going to my sister's doggie daycare once a week and likes that too, plus it wears her out a little. I started running a couple miles with her.
Still trying to get her to gain a little weight. She is so skinny she can slip through the side gate on one side of our fence. We are working on her barking and ability to get into the garden, but otherwise she is a great dog. Here's some pics!



Teddy's history: IBR was notified of Bill (Wills Jr.) and Ted's (Teddy's)- not so excellent adventure. Here is the info from the shelter near Mt. Vernon we are pulling them from, "Pen #16 Owner surrender Two english setter males surrendered by their owner because they did not want to hunt. Friendly but scared, they are not sure where they are. Appear very healthy. We are receiving many animals daily and each animal here will have a VERY LIMITED TIME. Please do not wait to contact us about any of these animals."
Update from Teddy's forever home:

Hi Lisa,

Wanted to give you an update as Mark and I moved a few weeks ago. We bought a home in Logan Square. The best part about the home is it is on a 250 ft lot and has a great big fenced yard for Teddy . He is loving his new fenced in freedom!

I've attached some recent pictures of Teddy (our camera has been broken for the past year!). Some of them are in one of my colleague's yard with his dog 'S prite' and the others are in our backyard with my friend's dog 'Vu'.

Hope everything is well with you.


Carryn & MarkTeddy with best friend Vu

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Gypsy's History: Gypsy is a vibrant, high energy, social dog. With consistent training she can be well behaved and is very eager to please. She loves her daily treat with her “meds” and will patiently sit and wait while you get it for her. She also loves to BUNNY JUMP!! Some may consider this obnoxious behavior but we have been working on this and she is improving.
Gypsy grows on you. She loves to be loved and shower you with kisses. She enjoys sleeping with you or lazing on the couch. When she is grumpy she will voluntarily go and sleep in her crate. She also has a bad habit of leg humping, but this is ONLY because she loves you. Gypsy loves to chase squirrels in the yard, rough-house with Winston, eat bugs and enjoys demolishing stuffed toys within an hour. I call her my Goofy Gypsy! Gypsy doesn’t like thunder storms but loves to point birds, to watch her in the field is seeing another dog.
Gypsy Update: Gypsy found a loving home with IBR volunteer Julie---who subsequently decided to move back to Australia where her family resides. After figuring out all pitfalls of quarantine regulations, she was able to have Gypsy flown to her. She's doing wonderfully.
Gypsy with sister Bella in sunny Australia.