Sunday, July 8, 2007


Gypsy's History: Gypsy is a vibrant, high energy, social dog. With consistent training she can be well behaved and is very eager to please. She loves her daily treat with her “meds” and will patiently sit and wait while you get it for her. She also loves to BUNNY JUMP!! Some may consider this obnoxious behavior but we have been working on this and she is improving.
Gypsy grows on you. She loves to be loved and shower you with kisses. She enjoys sleeping with you or lazing on the couch. When she is grumpy she will voluntarily go and sleep in her crate. She also has a bad habit of leg humping, but this is ONLY because she loves you. Gypsy loves to chase squirrels in the yard, rough-house with Winston, eat bugs and enjoys demolishing stuffed toys within an hour. I call her my Goofy Gypsy! Gypsy doesn’t like thunder storms but loves to point birds, to watch her in the field is seeing another dog.
Gypsy Update: Gypsy found a loving home with IBR volunteer Julie---who subsequently decided to move back to Australia where her family resides. After figuring out all pitfalls of quarantine regulations, she was able to have Gypsy flown to her. She's doing wonderfully.
Gypsy with sister Bella in sunny Australia.

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