Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gertrude aka Daisy

Gertie's history: Gertie is a Setter mix about 9 months old. She was seperated from her mother--Helena-- on 2/4/06 the day she came into foster care. Her mother is so precious that her foster Mom decided to keep her & Gertrude takes after her mother. She is a treasure. We thought it would take her a while to settle in, but after the second day in our home her personality began to shine through. She was housetrained in only one day & we're working on some basic obedience. She is learning about all of the interesting things inside of the house. Everything seems like a potential toy to her right now. Gertie has the typical happy setter personality. She has a joyful look in her eyes. We do allow her to sleep in bed at night. She's a good sleeper & never makes us uncomfortable. Furniture priveledges are a must for this girl.

Check out her own foster blog:

Update: Gertie, now called Daisy, has been at her forever home for over a year now. Here's a message from her family:

Hi Michelle, we celebrated Daisy's b-day with a day at Montrose dog beach. She had a great time swimming out and chasing Wolfgang!

Daisy's fur brother Wolfgang.

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