Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Midge's history: Midge is a bouncy adorable pointer. She doesn't stop...her tails goes 100 miles an hour. She plays well with dogs, but very much prefers humans. She wants to be everywhere you are in or out of the house. She is a very loving sweet girl who enjoys giving kisses.

Her ABSOLUTE favorite thing to do is carry things in her mouth. If you don't watch her, you will have clothes, towels, blankets, pillows and shoes out in your backyard before you even notice. She never damages anything she carries around but just enjoys prancing with it in her mouth and following you. I believe she is probably around a year old- if that. Although she tends to have very much puppy behavior."

Update from her forever home: Dear Melissa,
Midge is doing very well- she still has that puppy energy and behavior. She loves pointing at birds and chasing squirrels in our yard, She now has full reign of the house ( since she learned to open our door handles!)- and she has been great- no damage at all. She is still a counter surfer, though. She now has a big patio door through which she can watch the action at the bird feeders.
We occasionally go to the dog park, but Midge is not very good with small, aggressive attitude dogs. She is not very good at voice commands, so it is challenging to keep her away from the small dogs.
She does have a new best friend- my neighbors recently adopted an Australian shepard/lab mix puppy. Midge and Zoe play very well together- Midge a little bit on the dominant side, bit still nice.. They play nearly every day. The puppy is slowly getting bigger than Midge. It will be interesting to see what happens when one or both dogs realize that.
I am sending you a picture of Midge and Zoe. I would like to thank you again for fostering her- our family cannot imagine life without her!
Take care