Sunday, May 18, 2008


Irelynn formerly Patsy is a 7 month old Orange and White American Field Bred English Pointer. When I was contacted about this pup the rescuer relayed to me that the original owner was going to shoot her- but the neighbor interveened and moved her to the county pound where she may have a better opportunity to find a new home or be euthanized humanely. Luckily IBR was able to pull her.

Here is what her foster mom wrote at the time: "Irelynn is settling in wonderfully at our home. We couldn't keep calling our little girl Patsy, it isn't a pretty enough name for such a lovely girl. She is settling in at Camp Seeling like she has always been here. She had a little steak and baked potato with her kibble and seemed to think that was pretty good stuff! She joined her foster brother and sister for a nice walk and did just fine-tail wagging and head held high the whole 3 miles. I doubt she has had much leash walking in her former life, but she walked in a pretty good little heel chugging along next to her gsp sis. She had a little sponge bath in the kitchen and help pretty still, even for her ear cleaning. She is an eager to please young lady, comes in from outside when called and knows "sit" pretty reliably.

Irelynn is a gentle dog who is a polite houseguest. She already has made herself at home on the couch, curling up in a tight little pointer ball. She is a charming young lady-gives hugs and buries her head in your chest-too sweet. She knows "go potty." So house training is going just fine too. She met alot of dogs today, and seems to want to be friends with everybody. Irelynn is a sweet tempered, well mannered young dog who really enjoys the company of people she is a real lovey dovey girl!"

Irelynn found her own special home. Lynnie is a very loved little girl in her new home in Boone county, IL. She is described by her dad, as the "soulmate to their pup Teeka."